In addition to the classic menu served in the dining room, Stanga Restaurant also proposes you a more informal solution, both for lunch and dinner; according to its historical tradition, in memory of the times when carriers stopped for a relief break.

You can also dine in the bar around the“larin”, a particular circular fireplace. In the“larin”, we prepare and serve some typical dishes: “polenta”, our famous meatballs, sliced salami and our traditional “zabaglione”. All food is prepared fresh, and cooked on the barbecue by the fireside!

And to make this moment even more informal and traditional, from Christmas to March, the restaurant organizes the “Stanga Cup Meatballs”. Meatballs Cup is a race team: various groups challenge each other to a meatballs competition…

Who wins? Who can eat more meatballs!
What DO you win? Of course a nice trophy and then… a great pasta!